About Us

The Colby Pullers club was formed in 2008. A small group of pullers and fans started thinking about the opportunity to put truck and tractor pulling into motion in Colby, WI. The newly formed group, along with City of Colby officials, came up with an agreement to lease 30 acres on the north end of the Colby Industrial Park.   The pulling grounds were constructed with the push and efforts from community members and over 50 businesses helping to get it off the ground.  The project, which started out as a vision of one person, conversation with a few friends and a group of people throwing an idea around, soon became a 400-foot clay pulling track with lighting, speakers and permanent structures.  It has developed into one of the premier pulling venues in Central Wisconsin.

The Colby Pullers Club is a non-profit organization currently made up of four Executive Board Members, nine Committee Board Members and over 30 volunteers who help out in a variety of ways. We have been very blessed over the years with an outpouring of support from businesses from all across Central Wisconsin. If not for the countless hours and equipment donated, none of this could have been done.

The Colby Pullers Club has evolved and grown since day one. As a group, we knew early on the importance of community involvement. As club members came and went, the core values and responsibility the group had to our community grew.  In 2015, we introduced the first academic scholarship.  This is given out each year to a graduating Colby High School Senior.  In 2018, we made another commitment to our youth.  Don’t look back, Pulling for Youth Hunger and Health was created. We added a second pull for the summer, an NTPA/WTPA State event. The purpose of Pulling for Youth Hunger and Health was to help Colby School District with the Back Pack for Hunger Program and also to provide resources to the Ronald McDonald House of Marshfield.  We feel very strongly about using the Colby Pullers Club’s abilities to give back to the communities, schools, businesses and leaders.

So where does that take us now:

2019 is yet another year of change and commitment set forth by the Colby Pullers Club. As our 13 board members sat down in the fall of 2018 and discussed the future, it was quickly felt that our “footprint” into Central Wisconsin could expand.  The conversations we had, ideas shared, phone calls made… and after all of that, the 2019 Pulling for Youth Hunger and Health event was put into motion.  In the past, we have hosted two different events:

  • Mid State Pullers/non-Sanctioned event that we held every year since 2008
  • NTPA/WTPA event that we started in 2018.

For 2019, we are combining these into one weekend and adding the Taste of The Towns. This event is a showcase of Central Wisconsin’s “tastes” of food, beverages, arts, crafts and more.

Our purpose for 2019 is simple: Help our local youth.  What better way to help locally then to reach out to not only Colby, but to 12 other school districts! 12 towns!  Our goal is to raise $1,000 each for eight schools in Clark County and four Schools in Marathon County.  Children are the lifeline of each community’s future.  Let’s all make sure they have what they need so no kid has to look back wondering where their next meal is coming from!

Colby Pullers Club Board Members

Lony Oestreich

Kurt Robida
Vice President

Brett Ewert

Adrien Hoernke