Donation Causes

The Colby Pullers Club wants to help more people in our area with our biggest importance for the kids hunger and health of Central Wisconsin. So many people and organizations are doing a wonderful job to help support that cause. The Colby Pullers Club is no different, we felt we could use our event to make a greater impact on children's lives.

Our goal is to raise $12,000 total to give back $1000 to 12 different schools. The schools are as followed; Abbotsford, Athens, Colby, Edgar, Granton, Greenwood, Loyal, Neillsville, Owen-Withee, Spencer, Stratford, and Thorp.  The money is to help fund the free milk program, as well as the NOW (Nutrition on Weekends) program that a few of these schools are using courtesy of the United Way of Marshfield. The Colby Pullers Club will be helping pack backs with the United Way of Marshfield. This organization continues to thrive and makes incredible things happen for kids and families in Central Wisconsin.

The Colby Pullers Club will also be making donation to a few other causes, such as Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield, Wisconsin. In 2018, we had the opportunity to work with the Ronald McDonald House and we were simply amazed by the services they are able to provide for families. When a family needs support or a place to rest while their child is dealing with medical issues and illnesses, The Ronald McDonald House is there for the family in a time of need.

A new organization that has come on-board with us for 2019 is Tractors for Autism and Disabilities, an organization that frequently sets up fundraisers, events, and sells anything from baked goods to merchandise to help raise money for their cause. They are based out of Loyal Wisconsin and are very dedicated to helping and supporting kids with autism and any form of disability. In another great act of giving back, the school district of Loyal has asked that 50 percent of the donations that Loyal school district would receive, gets donated to Tractors for Autism and Disabilities.

The Colby Pullers Club members are extremely humbled and fortunate to be mentioned with the school districts of Central Wisconsin and the organizations that continue to hold the standard of giving back at such a high degree. We are extremely proud to be able help promote and support all them!  Please visit our Links page and take a minute to read about these wonderful groups and organizations here in Wisconsin.